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April 11, 2007

High on the tentative success of my first completion for the Brickman-type guy, I decided to just barrel on and start the next one. I had a phrase sort of repeating in my mind that was kind of a theater-related cliché, and I thought well, maybe I’d build on that and fill the whole song with theater references. So, I made a little list off the top of my head of words or phrases I might be able to include, and asked pamie, with her rich and varied drama-nerd background, to word-associate off my list and help me come up with other potentials.

Of course, she gave me a brilliant list full of things I will probably use: stuff like “standing ovation,” and “roses at your feet.” And then I got way down the page and I hit “wig,” and nearly died. Please believe if I was talented enough to write a love song that included a verse about wearing a wig, I would have already done it.

This moment in the process of songwriting, when you have the kernel of the idea — and I assume this applies to other types of writing — is very strange. It’s like the song is already written and sitting in a room, and right now I’m just waiting on someone to turn on a light so I can see it, completed, on the page. I can kind of hear it already, too.

I know this stuff ain’t Tolstoy, but I can finally admit to myself that it is a worthy way to spend my time, and that is a good feeling.


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