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April 20, 2007


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Last night, Chris, Vince and I saw Brandi Carlile at the Variety. She threw a pick from stage and I got it, making me the second DM to acquire one of her picks at a show. “Now,” Vince said, “we must form a band.” After nearly killing us all for 1.5 hours, she brought out Emily Saliers to sing with her on the encore. I screamed like it was Elvis. We were ten feet away from the stage. So, obviously, it’s needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway: it was maybe the best show I’ve ever seen.

We were so high from it, we went home and wrote two songs. Then I went to bed and dreamed I met Brandi, had her write a funny autograph for Vince, and was invited to her house where I discovered she was married to Steve Buscemi. I really like Steve Buscemi, of course, but I even remember being outraged in the dream, because hello, I’m right here, Brandi, and I know I’m married and all, but still — Buscemi?

Anyway, what an awesome few days with crazy ol’ Vince, capped off by this most amazing of shows. Her voice blows my mind, and her songs are moving and intelligent. And she’s sort of unbelievably attractive, so… there IS no downside. If you’re not already a fan… I guess you’re deaf.

Best quote of the night that made smile a knowing smile: She was talking about touring with The Fray a few years back and getting frustrated because that band’s very young fans were not overly receptive to her music. “I don’t think these 14-year-old girls are ready for me,” she said. “Until they get to college.” 


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