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“That Was My Then”

May 23, 2007

Admission: I have never watched “American Idol.” I have never seen a even more than five minutes of it. The reasons are many and varied, starting with 1) I don’t enjoy watching people humiliate themselves, even if they emerge triumphant; and ending with 2) mostly, the singing, even when it is good, gets on my nerves.

Last night, however, I was in a restaurant which had it blaring over the bar and, with no other option since even normal conversation was precluded by the volume, I sat there transfixed while the two remaining contestants strangled out the deal-breaking original song “This is My Now.”

I laughed a hollow, mirthless laugh. One filled with disdain and jealousy. “Next year,” I said to my husband, “I am writing a song for ‘American Idol.'” Because, y’all… please tell me what the phrase “this is my now” means. Please explain how we are not all living our “nows” right… now, all the time. This IS my now. And so is THIS. And now. And… NOW. Ugh.


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