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Hey, hey. I started this site to write about singing and songwriting, both of which I do. It might end up being as boring as it sounds. That remains to be seen. I don’t know, yet, how open I’ll be about my true, non-superhero identity — I have been writing online since yo’ mama, and last year it finally bit me in the behind and I got a tad stalked by a former co-worker. We must all remember that evil people can also use the Internet. It is free for all, even the hateful and dumbassed among us. Especially them. I don’t write about, or during, my day job, so I am fairly safe — and if you’ve been around these parts for a while, it’s likely you know who I am — I’m not trying to be sly, I just need to keep my paycheck. The paycheck is vital, as it funds the stuff I am actually good at. In any case, I also need to keep writing, generally, and I like doing it in this format. So, former co-worker, you of the unibrow and sweat-stained shirts; annoyer of many, manager of none; tattle-tale and emotional juvenile: you can suck it. I’m just trying to live, here.

That was a long paragraph devoted to a short man. Sorry. I am sure it will take me five minutes to start using my name here, which is only right, right? We’ll see. Going by initials is really annoying, I know. I kept the title general, as I am sure if I can keep it up I will also write about stuff unrelated to music.

So: singing and songwriting. What is there to say about it? I don’t even know. As I begin this site in spring 2007, I have about six songs I need to write before the summer even starts. I’ve got a bit of a creative block going on, and I’m worried, but I feel really motived anyway. I feel like singing.

Housekeeping: I won’t have comments open on the blog — I think the comments feature ruined personal Web writing, or in any case changed it for the worse — and I have a feeling no one will be able to comment through their snores anyway. This design is a WordPress template, and thus was free. Isn’t it pretty?

Vital stats: 34. Married lady. In a recording, band, but classically trained to rock your socks off, etc.

Contact: deepsubject AT gmail DOT com.

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